From a Mother of a Recovering Addict

I called New Hope Rising when looking for recovery housing for my daughter. I was greeted by one of the Founders who told me of the philosophy and rules and regulations of New Hope Rising. A week later, my daughter and I drove directly from the airport to Mastic and found that all that Danielle told me was absolutely true.

As a social worker/psychotherapist, I am always looking for what would most benefit my clients and their families. I typically stop at nothing until I reach the best resource. I am the same as a mother. I am like a lion watching and needing to feel safe and secure that my child is getting what she needs to help her recover from the devastating, chronic and sometimes fatal disease of addiction.

When I met with the House Manager and the Founders along with my daughter, I knew we were in the right place. In addition to the rules of attending an outpatient program and an AA or NA meeting everyday, the residents participate in adjunct therapies including weekly yoga, daily meditations and other alternative healing methods. We know now that 12 step work is mandatory but there has to be more to fill the hole that the addict now has in recovery. By having nightly meals together, weekly “family meetings” and joint activities, New Hope Rising creates a family situation where the residents do not feel alone but filled.

So it is with no doubt that I would recommend New Hope Rising to person and their family that needs to find a safe, responsible program dedicated to the health and recovery of addicts in need of sober living on Long Island.

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