NHR Recovery Housing Programs

New Hope Rising Recovery Housing is not just a place to live, but an oasis for women & men seeking positive change and inner transformation.

New Hope Rising, is a non-profit organization that provides safe and supportive recovery housing programs for both women and men in Suffolk County, NY. Our innovative four-phase program is a safe haven for individuals who are in recovery from substance-use disorders. Our program has been recognized as a leading model for sober living on Long Island, as we offer a higher level of individualized care and services.

The NHR Recovery Housing model is an innovative four-phase program designed to meet the specific needs of each of our residents. Unique emphasis is placed on recovery of the whole self- mind, body and spirit- with encouragement of spiritual growth and healing through a 12-step recovery process. NHR Recovery Housing is more than just a “sober house”- our program combines a holistic approach to healing with vocational/educational support and recreational activities in a beautiful home environment.

Our Recovery Housing programs provide people with the support and accountability needed to build on their strengths, while addressing the areas of their lives that were impacted by addiction to build a foundation for long-term recovery.

NHR Recovery Housing Programs are located in Eastern Long Island, NY and are centrally located to 12-step meetings, public transportation and employment opportunities.

With a 90% success rate, our residents aren’t just surviving- they are thriving!

If recovery is possible for others, it is possible for YOU.


NHR Women’s Recovery House 1 – Mastic
NHR Women’s Recovery House 2 – Mastic


NHR Men’s Recovery House – Mastic Beach
NHR Profession Men 2 – Shirley

Amenities and Features

  • Beautifully appointed homes

  • All food included

  • On-site laundry

  • Bed linens & towels

  • Computers/Wi-fi

  • BBQ/Firepit

  • Meditation/ Lounge rooms

  • Community garden

Our Staff

All of our professional staff members have a working knowledge of the 12-Steps and are in personal long-term recovery. They reside onsite to provide daily supervision, to enforce rules and regulations, and to provide guidance and support. All staff are certified Narcan trainers and are CPR/first aid certified.

“Life can be unpredictable, the road twisting and turning along the way. Being in recovery doesn’t change the road – it changes your journey. It leads you to freedom and hope, knowing that any obstacle is only a challenge to show yourself how far you’ve come and where you’ve yet to go.”


  • 12-step (AA, NA, HA, ect.) fellowship participation
  • Complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol
    (zero tolerance policy)
  • Outpatient treatment attendance at OASAS licensed facility
    (transportation provided)
  • Willingness to develop personal goals
  • NHR does not allow the use of any prescribed controlled substances
    including: Suboxone, methadone, benzodiazepines

Meet Our House Managers

  • Patrick Tumulty
    House Manager
  • Therese Taddeo
    House Manager
  • Sean Marsciovetere, BA
    House Manager
    For years, Sean struggled with the disease of addiction and never thought he would be able to get and stay clean. After many failed attempts at achieving sobriety, he found himself in yet another treatment center where he finally felt completely hopeless and desperate. Completely discouraged and believing there was no way out of addiction, Sean became willing to do whatever it took to stay clean. Today, his life is far beyond anything he could’ve imagined for himself. After staying clean for several years, he has found a true purpose in helping others in recovery. In addition to his position at New Hope Rising, Sean also works in the admissions department at the Long Island Center for Recovery. Of all the things he has done in life, nothing has been as fulfilling and purposeful as helping fellow addicts on their journey in recovery.