Are You and Your Partner Struggling
with Conflict and Disconnection?

Have you been feeling stuck in the same repetitive cycle having the same arguments over and over?


Does it feel like you and your partner are speaking different languages?


Are career, financial or family stresses creating tension and distance between you and your partner?


Have you faced major issues like substance abuse, mental health, or infidelity in the relationship?


Does it seem as though intimacy, passion and care have faded from your relationship?


Do you wish you could learn positive ways to communicate, reconnect and fall in love with your partner again?


Are you considering separation or divorce, but want to give your relationship another chance to heal?

Couples Therapy

Maintaining a healthy relationship can sometimes feel like a challenge.

What does “healthy” look like?

Couples counseling can offer the opportunity to understand the deeper, unconscious blockages, negative interactions and patterns in a relationship. Sometimes you just need a “tune up”. Through mutual understanding, a couple often finds new strategies for enjoying their relationship, focusing on improving communication, conflict resolution skills and restored connection and trust. Relationships, whether between married couples, non-married couples, or partners all have their challenges. With those challenges come an opportunity to learn and grow… together.

Our therapists specialize in the following issues facing couples:

  • Trouble Trusting
  • Communication Issues
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting Conflicts
  • Adjusting to Parenthood
  • Blended Families (Step, Adoption, Foster Care)
  • Financial Issues
  • Commitment
  • Pregnancy and postpartum
  • Intimacy/Sexual issues
  • Life Balance (work, kids, household)
  • Infertility
  • Loss and Grief
  • Resentments/Anger
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Life Transitions (empty nest, retirement)
  • Substance Use
  • Mental Health
  • Co-Dependency
  • “The In-laws” & Extended Family
  • Chronic/Serious Illness

What to Expect

At your initial appointment, your therapist will explore more about each of your backgrounds and the nature and severity of the challenges you’ve been experiencing together. We pride ourselves on the culturally competent care we provide to both individuals and couples. While our central focus in couples therapy is the relationship, we still believe it’s important to consider what challenges and strengths you each bring individually to the partnership, so we often discuss your family of origin, your background, your individual values and beliefs, and how you came to find one another.

Our therapists at New Hope Rising Therapy and Wellness Center have extensive experience working with couples and are dedicated to continuously train and master therapy models and techniques that are designed for couples and strengthening relationships. By reflecting on past experiences—as well as new interactions as they arise—we’ll begin to identify and explore the relationship dynamics that are causing you distress, and the alternate dynamics that, if put into practice, could offer relief and renewed connection. We are committed to helping couples at any stage of their relationship create pathways toward greater understanding and connection.

We are here to help

Because our therapists ensure that both members of the couple have an equal voice in the ongoing therapeutic process, our clients often report that couples therapy has supported not only the health of their relationship, but their individual wellbeing as well. We’ll work together until you both feel confident that your goals have been met, and that your interactions with one another are infused with a sense of harmony and mutual respect. Contact us today to begin this path together.

If your partner is not quite ready to engage in couples therapy, that’s totally normal, too! You may consider beginning by engaging in individual therapy without your partner. While getting to know you, our therapists can help you to explore new ways to talk with your partner about how impactful couples therapy could be for your partnership.

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