An Artist in Recovery

Coming out of inpatient treatment, I didn’t want to live in a “sober house,” but I quickly found that NHR was so much more than just a “sober house.” It’s provided me with so many rich, different opportunities to nurture and grow my divine creative energy as an artist, from daily meditation, to weekly reiki, to wholesome home-cooked meals at community dinner, among many others — that this transitional living space has felt more like a “recovery home.” At NHR, I found a fellowship of women committed to growth in sobriety, supportive of one another not only in recovery but in their attainment of life goals.

Coming back into recovery after 3+ years of 12-step sobriety and a painful relapse was incredibly difficult. I know that the growth and development I experienced here has solidified my sober coping skills and fortified my sobriety — giving me the opportunity to use my education, work and life experience to explore new directions in life, one day at a time.

I am grateful for Danielle and Lauren’s support at each step of the recovery process; their involvement and expertise has made the transition to healthy, sober independent living as easy and stream-lined as possible. Both created an amazing positive community atmosphere; my recovery trajectory has been strengthened and expanded in the time I’ve spent in NHR.

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